Sunday, July 8, 2012

Frame it up!


Sorry I've been gone so long, just haven't had the time or the motivation!
Today I am going to show you a really easy craft that I love!
When Daniel and I first got married and got our house we had a lot of people donate decorations to us (which helps so much for first time home buyers with no money!) anyway, we had these set of frames with what looks like vintage illustrations of fruit. Not that I didn't like the illustrations, they just weren't my kind of style and I didn't think it really fit with our house. So I decided to do something about it!

Here's a picture of the illustrations that were in the frames to begin with :

Like I said, not too bad but just not my style! (I am saving them for any kind of craft later...)

So I pulled those out and started looking online for a little piece of inspiration. Then I came across this awesome site called the The graphics fairy Its actually a blog where this lady has collected a TON of vintage images that you can print and use. The best part about it is that its FREE!!! She even has a craft section where you can see other peoples crafts to get some great ideas. So after about an hour of searching through all the wonderful images I found some vintage feathers that I really liked and that would fit well into the rectangular shape of my frame.

Here they are before I manipulated the images:

Pretty eh?

With the lack of having colored ink in my printer and the drive to Walmart I decided to manipulate the photos in the online picture editor Pixlr to make them black and white and gave them quite a bit more contrast. Then after some trial and error on printing I printed both of them on old vintage book paper and slapped them in the frames! 
Here's the finished product:

 I don't know why but in this picture the frame looks blue, but its really dark green like the one above....

I am still contemplating on weather I should paint the frames or not, even if I wanted to I'm not sure what color? 
Hope y'all liked it and I have inspired you to do something like it! Leave me comments to let me know what you think!!! 


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