Saturday, April 21, 2012

Feeling artsy!

Daniel and I love to go to all the art festivals around this time of year. Being somewhat of an artist myself I love going to get inspiration and to just see all of the amazing things people can create. (and oh how I wish I could buy some!) This year over the insane crowd at the main street arts festival in Ft. Worth we saw a ton of cool works. But one artist stood out to me and made me get that excited feeling and really inspired me to do something like it! His name is Dolan Geiman. His work is awesome. Its Indy and simple, folksy and southern. found and fancy. Another thing about it was his booth really stood out. one of a kind stuff with amazing color and construction. Here's some examples:

This was one of the more impressive ones especially to see it in person. The fox is made up of hundreds of book and magazine clippings, while the canvas is plywood with white washed book pages. It had a sold sign on it (not that I could afford to buy it....) But I think this is freakin awesome.
This piece is like a cutout shadow box. So simple but really cool.
This is the piece that cought my eye from outside the tent. Symmetry and great form.

I love his work. I want to do things like this now. He also had some inexpensive printed panels that you could buy that all would look great in a kids room or nursery. Check him out at:
his website or His etsy shop

Stay tuned cause I have been having a ton of fun with my sewing machine making new pillows for the living room!



  1. Thanks for the wonderful feature and your kind words Alyssa!