Sunday, April 15, 2012

Make me a Maxi

I love maxi dresses.
They are comfy where you can just lounge around the house on a hot summer day but they are cute enough where you can where them out pretty much anywhere and feel gorgeous.
I've been wanting a sewing machine forever....and then I got a great one for free from a fellow vet tech (thanks Kim!) I was so excited. I had so many tutorials on pinterest it was hard to decide which one to take on as my first sewing project. Then I remembered this lovely tutorial :
She explained everything so well, and it was pretty easy for a first time sewer...(after I figured out how to thread the thing!)  This dress took me about 2-3 hrs (with breaks of snacking and watching the movie that was on TV.) So here is the final result! Sorry the pictures are dark, Its rainy today and I didnt have a good place for  light.

Also it was really cheap to make, 2 yrds fabric - $10 and a ribbed tank from walmart- $3

I did make it a little long cause I have a feeling it will shrink in the wash since the fabric is 100% cotton so I would rather have it longer that too short!

I had so much fun doing this project I have another dress I am going to make like this but knee length.


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