Monday, April 2, 2012

Texas Bluebonnets

Thought I would post some of my pictures we took yesterday of us and Deuce in the bluebonnets.  :)

I love the vivid color, even though it was pretty hot (As you can tell in all our pictures Deuce is panting and later to relieve this he jumped in to the smelly lake down the field...and then smelled like dead fish the rest of the day. Good thing I work where we have dog groomers!) but we had a lot of fun and lately since Daniel has been so busy with school we hardly have chances to get pictures of us together. It was a special day with my hubby. :)

And one more of Deuce looking oh so handsome for the camera:

Isnt he just so handsome?!

More tomorrow about Autism Awareness Month! Stay tuned.....


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