Friday, April 6, 2012

Dress me up.

I have a ton of events coming up that I have to dress up for ( Daniel's graduation banquet, my friends wedding, my birthday....) I love trying to figure out what I am going to wear, even though most people hate it. I go online looking for what I like (even though Im too poor to buy any of it! But a girl can dream, right?)

SO here are some of my daydreams.....
Urban outfitters Sessun Paino Solo Dress. -$244(eek!)
(I really only like this dress from the back)

Mod - rosette reception dress.- $65 
I love anything floral and the one shoulder is always feminine. 

Anthropologie Sea bands mini- $298
Simple and cute.

Forever21 strapless peplum dress- $22.80 (thats more like it!)
A step up from your typical LBD and pretty affordable.

Hope you liked my selection! Let me know which one is your fave with a comment <3



  1. So I found a pretty awesome store at Golden Triangle Mall. It reminds me a lot of Anthropologie but the dresses are only like, 20 bucks! And they have a bunch of 2 for $5 deals and what-not. I think it's called Rainbow. It's across from Ross.